Christianity in 250 words

Here is my own condensed version of the Christian faith in only 250 words:


God is a necessarily existing and maximally great being, who is one in essence but three in persons. He is eternal, all-powerfull, all-knowing, all-good, and created everything apart from himself from nothing. Humans are made by God to freely choose to know him, love him, and enjoy him as greatest Good forever. However, humans want to pursue their own will rather than God’s will, and therefore freely choose to sin against their nature and God's laws. Sin separates us from God. Therefore, God decided to step into history and assume a human nature in Jesus of Nazareth, to live an exemplar sinless life, and to suffer a self-sacrificial death that reconciles us with God's holiness. To vindicate Jesus' teachings, that you should love God and your neighbor and even your enemies, and corroborate his divine nature, God raised him bodily from the dead. Jesus' resurrection also foreshadows the promised bodily resurrection of all men when Jesus returns and puts and end to history with the redemption and transformation of the world into a new heaven and new earth without death, suffering, and decay. Everybody, who accepts Jesus' divine gift and asks God for forgiveness will be forgiven and will spend eternity with God in this perfect redeemed creation. Everybody, who rejects God and his gift, and refuses to repent, will spend eternity without God and perish.

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    Yousif (Montag, 28 März 2016 13:52)

    This is very nicely written. I came across this blog from the site Evolution News and Views and I am glad I did.

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    Essay Dune (Montag, 19 September 2016 12:27)

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts, they are same as mine, I think in the same way as you. God is everything to me - love, hope , faith in a better life. He gives power even if it seems it is impossible to manage problems and obstacles on our way.