• 1987-1991: undergraduate studies of biology at the University of Hohenheim / Germany
  • 1991-1994: main and graduate studies of biology at the Eberhard-Karls-University in Tübingen / Germany (with focus on entomology, subsidiary subjects: paleontology and parasitology)
  • 1994: diploma degree (= M.Sc.) in biology with a diploma thesis (in German) on the morphology of dragonfly wings titled "Morphologische Untersuchungen am Flügelgeäder der rezenten Libellen und deren Stammgruppenvertreter (Insecta; Pterygota; Odonata) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Phylogenetischen Systematik und des Grundplanes der *Odonata" under supervision of Dr. Gerhard Mickoleit (Inst. Zool., Univ. Tübingen)
  • 1994-1998: Ph.D. student under supervision of Prof. Wolf-Ernst Reif at the institute for geology and paleontology of the Eberhard-Karls-University in Tübingen / Germany
  • 1999: graduation as Ph.D. in geosciences with summa cum laude degree with the paleontological Ph.D. thesis "Phylogeny and systematics of fossil dragonflies (Insecta: Odonatoptera) with special reference to some Mesozoic outcrops" under supervision of Prof. Wolf-Ernst Reif (Inst. Paleont., Univ. Tübingen), co-refereed by Prof. Carsten Brauckmann (TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld) and Prof. Rainer Willmann (Univ. Göttingen). Parts of this Ph.D. thesis have been accomplished at MCZ, Harvard University
  • 1st Dec. 1998 - 31st Aug. 1999: Scientific trainee in the department of paleontology at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart
  • since 1st Sept. 1999 - 15 December 2016: scientific employee as curator for amber and fossil insects in the department of paleontology at the State Museum of Natural History (SMNS) in Stuttgart / Germany, as successor of Dr. Dieter Schlee and previously Prof. Willi Hennig
  • since 8 October 2016: Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture in Seattle, USA