FAQ about Catholicism

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1. Question: Is it not arrogant and naive to think that Catholicism is true, because if you would have been born in Pakistan or Tibet you would be a Muslim or a Buddhist?
No, because the same argument could be used against atheism: If you would have been born in Saudi Arabia, you probably would not be an atheist! Such arguments commit a logical fallacy called the genetic fallacy: the origin of a belief has no bearing on its truth-status.

2. Question: Who created God?
Answer: Even though this question belongs to the most commonly heard objections against theism, it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of God, who is by definition an eternal and uncreated being. This is not special pleading for God, because before the discovery of the Big Bang most naturalists used to think that the universe is eternal and uncreated, and therefore needs no explanation for its existence. The sufficient reason for God's existence is not to be found in an external cause but in his very nature as a necessary being, which cannot fail to exist.