Scientific Work

Current position:

Since December 2016 I work as freelance scientist and author on paleontological and ID-related questions. I am a senior scientist at the Biologic Institute in Redmond (, E-mail:, and Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.


As successor of Prof. Willi Hennig and Dr. Dieter Schlee, I worked from 1999-2016 as curator for amber and fossil insects in the paleontological department of the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart / SMNS (Germany).

Research interests:

Fossil history and systematics of insects (esp. dragonflies and damselflies, but also other palaeopterous pterygotes); Paleozoic fossil insects, and fossil insects from Mesozoic limestones and amber (currently with focus on the mid-Cretaceous entomofauna of Burmese amber); paleontological evidence against Neodarwinian evolution and for Intelligent Design theory.

Research indices:

Hirsch Index / h-index = 19 (Google Scholar), 15 (Web of Science), 12 (Scopus)

Research networks: