World View

Coming from a secular agnostic family background, and after several years of "rollercoaster ride" across different world views, I finally became convinced of the truth of Roman Catholicism.

My "conversion" from atheism to Christian theism did  not involve any kind of faith in scripture, but was purely based on reason and a careful and critical evaluation of philosophical arguments and empirical evidence.
subscribe to classical theism with neo-scholastic Aristotelian-Thomist metaphysics (incl. essentialism and hylemorphism) and natural law theory as ethics.
I strongly reject the modern surrogate religion of atheistic naturalism (esp. "New Atheism"), secular humanism, eliminative materialism, functionalist physicalism, mechanistic determinism, and reductionistic scientism as incoherent, irrational, empirically refuted, and ultimately absurd faith, which is often based on sloppy argumentation and shallow philosophy (esp. among internet infidels), and ultimately implies detrimental nihilism.