My ID and Apologetic Activities

Article "Could This Be the Oldest Evidence Yet for Multicellular Eukaryotes?" on Discovery Institute's site Evolution News  from May 26, 2016.

Webinar "The Fossil Record: Implications for Neo-Darwinian Evolution" at Apologetics Academy, Saturday 16 July 2016: 

"Confessions of a Former Skeptic: Ex-Atheist Testimonies" at Apologetics Academy, Saturday 15 October 2016:

Featuring in the ID documentary "Revolutionary" about Michael Behe and his seminal work (released on DVD and Blu-ray on 8 October 2016):

Two Presentations at the "Beyond Materialism" conference in Cambridge, 12 November 2016:


Plenary talk "Waiting Times for Coordinated Mutations vs. the Fossil Record: Testing the Neo-Darwinian Paradigm"


Breakout Talk "Fossil Discontinuities in the History of Life"


On this episode of ID the Future podcast, Michael Behe talks about how German paleo-entomologist Günter Bechly became interested in Intelligent Design.

Official announcement of my joining the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture as new Senior Fellow:

Evolution News Febr. 10 2017

Announcement of my former employer Natural History Museum Stuttgart as "winner" of the Censor of the Year Award 2017:

Evolution News Febr. 12 2017

Article "Research on Ancient DNA Could Test Predictions of Non-Darwinian Speciation Models" on Discovery Institute's site Evolution News  from March 16, 2017.







Article in the Dutch Christian popular-science magazine WEET (April 2017) about my conversion from Darwinism to ID and from atheism to classical theism.





On August 11th 2017 I was scheduled to give a talk about fossil discontinuities at the Discovery Society's Insiders Briefing in Calgary. Because of health issues I  unfortunately could not travel, so that a recording of my talk was presented and I afterwards joined the audience by Skype video conferencing for a 30 minutes Q&A session.