My Christian theistic world view was greatly influenced by the following scientists, philosophers, theologians, apologists, authors, and public speakers and debaters:


Jimmy Akin, Elizabeth Anscombe, Anselm of Canterbury, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine of Hippo, Averroes, Avicenna, Douglas Axe, Lynne Rudder Baker, Ian Barbour, Luke Barnes, Stephen M. Barr, Robert Barron,  Francis J. BeckwithMichael Behe, John Stewart Bell, Henri Bergson, David Berlinski, Jefferson Bethke, Craig Blomberg, William E. Carroll, G.K. Chesterton, Samuel Clare, Francis Collins, Bobby Conway, Paul Copan, Jack Cottrell, William Lane Craig (my intellectual hero no. 2)Brian Davies, Paul Davies, William Dembski, Michael Denton, Hans Driesch, John Eccles, Michael Egnor, Brian Ellis, George F.R. Ellis, Lenny EspositoCraig A. EvansEdward Feser (my intellectual hero no. 1), Anthony Flew, Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange, Norman Geisler, Douglas Geivett, Al-Ghazali, Kurt Gödel, Richard Goldschmidt, Guillermo Gonzalez, Bruce Gordon, Marcus C. Grodi, Stuart C. Hackett,  Gary Habermas, John Haldane, David Bentley Hart, William Hasker, John F. Haught, Peter Hitchens, Trent HornPeter van Inwagen, William James, Craig S. Keener, Gyula Klima, Robert C. KoonsGreg Koukl, Peter Kreeft, Saul Kripke, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Brian Leftow, John Lennox, C.S. Lewis, Mike Licona, E.J. Lowe, Maimonides, Jacques Maritain, Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Alister McGrathJonathan McLatchie, Mark McMenamin, Chad Meister, Angus Menuge, Stephen C. Meyer, Bradley John Monton, J.P. Moreland, Simon Conway Morris, Thomas Nagel, Paul Nelson, John Henry Newman, Timothy O'Connor, David Oderberg, Roger E. OlsonAmy Orr-Ewing, Donald Page, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Stephen E. ParrishAlvin Plantinga, Plato, Nancy Pearcey, Plotinus, Michael Polanyi, John Polkinghorne, Adolf Portmann, Alexander Pruss, Hilary Putnam, Nabeel Qureshi, Michael Ramsden, Steve Ray, Michael ReaVictor Reppert, Alan Rhoda, Jay Wesley Richards, Michael RotaFrancis Schaeffer, Otto Schindewolf, Gerald Schroeder, Rupert Sheldrake, Wolfgang Smith, David SnokeDinesh d'Souza, Hans Spemann, Tim StaplesRichard Sternberg, Lee Strobel, Eleonore Stump, Francisco Suárez, Richard Swinburne, Charles Taliaferro, Rene Thom, J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Turek, William Vallicella, Aron Wall, Alfred Russel Wallace, James Warner Wallace, William A. Wallace, Keith Ward, Jonathan Wells, Greg WeltyBen Witherington III, David Wood, N.T. Wright (my intellectual hero no. 3), Ravi Zacharias


I explicitly reject and despise pop-evangelists like Joyce MeyerJoel Osteen, Paula White, Benny Hinn, or the Hillsong Church, who teach a false gospel of prosperity and happiness as well as heretical doctrines (see here). And I also reject the feel-good Christianity preached by progressive liberal leftists like Rob Bell, which shamelessly curries favor with the zeitgeist.

Lecture of Prof. William Lane Craig on 2nd Nov. 2015 at the university of Vienna / Austria on evidence for God and the Christian faith, which I attended with my father in law and my nephew.


Dr. Craig's Website Reasonable Faith definitely represents one of the best web-resources on Christian philosophy and apologetics.

If you have only time to watch a single video, you have to watch this debate of William Lane Craig with the atheist philosopher Alexander Rosenberg. Whatever you believe, I promise that you will learn at lot from it!!!

For about 15 years I thoroughly evaluated and finally rejected several other alternative world views, and extensively studied the writings of the following authors:


Hector Avalos (atheist, anti-Christian), Dan Barker (ex-Christian turned atheist), Richard Carrier (atheist, NT critic), Richard Dawkins (New Atheist, Darwinist), Daniel Dennett (New Atheist, Darwinist), David Deutsch (atheist, physicist), Gary Drescher (atheist, naturalist), Bart Ehrmann (agnostic, NT critic),  Amit Goswami (quantum mysticist), Brian Greene (naturalist, physicist), John Michael Greer (neopagan), David Ray Griffin (process theologian), Sam Harris (New Atheist), Stephen Hawking (atheist, physicist), Christopher Hitchens (New Atheist), Derrick Jensen (neopagan, radical environmentalist), Lawrence Krauss (New Atheist, phycisist), John A. Leslie (axiarchic neoplatonist), John Leslie Mackie (atheist philosopher), John W. Loftus (ex-Christian turned atheist), Friedrich Nietzsche (atheist philosopher, "nihilist"), Graham Oppy (atheist philosopher),  Robert Price (atheist, NT critic), Ayn Rand (atheist, objectivist), Alexander Rosenberg (atheist philosopher), Bede Rundle (atheist philosopher), Bertrand Russell (atheist philosopher), Carl Sagan (atheist, naturalist), Michael Shermer (atheist, skeptic), Peter Singer (atheist philosopher of ethics), Quentin Smith (atheist philosopher), Victor Stenger (New Atheist, physicist), Max Tegmark (atheist, physicist, mathematical monist), Alfred North Whitehead (process philosopher), Ken Wilber (neoperennial philosopher, Integral Theory)